Merge form data with SmartMerge

Click this video to see it in action!

When it's faster to copy data from one, or several, old reports than to type it out in a new report, use the SmartMerge utility to merge data from another report into your current report:

  1. In a report in TOTAL, click Merge in the top toolbar.

  2. In the window that appears, select the folder that contains the report or template you wish to merge from the Folders pane on the left.
  3. In the Source File pane to the right, locate and select the report you want to merge.
    You can also type a file name, address, or other report‑specific information into the Search box and click the magnifying glass icon (  ) to locate your file. You can choose to search the current folder, or all folders. Use TOTAL's Advanced Search to look for reports that match a variety of criteria, fall within certain ranges (like date or price ranges), or share a common market area. Click here for more information on using the Advanced Search function.
  4. Choose your SmartMerge options at the top of the screen:

    1. Indicate whether you want to merge the Entire Report or Selected forms in Report.
    2. Then, choose how to merge the reports:
      Forms AND data
      Merges forms from the selected report, including any text data, but leaves any existing content in your current report intact.
      Forms only
      Merges in only the forms from the selected report. None of the data is transferred to your current report.
      Overwrite all target fields (Clone)
      This makes an exact duplicate of the selected report and overwrites any data in your current report, OR the sections you've selected in the report, if you're only merging specific forms.
    3. Once you choose how you want to merge your report, review the Include from source report section to choose what you want to include from your source file. By default, Text Formatting is the only item checked.
      Field formatting
      Merges field formatting from the source report, e.g., locked fields, numbers only, rounding, etc. When disabled, TOTAL uses your Default Field Data.
      Text formatting
      Merges text formatting from the source report, e.g., font, font style, font size, etc. When disabled, TOTAL uses your default font.
      Check this option to merge the worksheet from the source report.
      Map Images
      Merges any map images from the source report, not just the map pages. When disabled, TOTAL merges blank copies of the map pages from your source report.
      Property Sketch
      Merges any sketch images from the source report, not just the sketch pages. When disabled, TOTAL merges blank copies of the sketch pages from your source report.
      Property photos
      Check this option to merge all of the photos from your source report. When disabled, TOTAL merges in just the photo pages from your source report, no photos.
      If enabled, TOTAL merges all the Workfile contents from your source report. This option can't be enabled by default. You must click the checkbox each time you want to merge the Workfile from your source report.
      Save the options above as my default SmartMerge options
      Select this option when setting up the above options as default. TOTAL then remembers if the options are checked instead of setting your options every time you merge. The only exception is the Workfile. Due to the potential for the Workfile to contain a large amount of data, it has to be manually checked each time you merge from your source report.
  5. If you chose to merge Selected forms in report, review the list of forms at the bottom of the screen.

  6. When you're finished, click Merge to transfer the data you've selected.

You can repeat this process and merge from additional reports until you have all the data you need from your old reports.