Form Appearance Settings

To change the appearance of the forms and data in TOTAL:

  1. From the Forms section of TOTAL's configuration options, scroll to the Form Appearance section.

  2. To change the fonts TOTAL uses to display your report data:
  3. To change the colors TOTAL uses on your forms:
  4. To adjust the appearance of check boxes on your forms, choose an option from the Set checkbox appearance dropdown. Lighter, Normal, and Darker adjust the "darkness" and thickness of the usual check boxes. Show as circles changes the appearance of the check box to appear circular.
  5. Set TOTAL's default zoom level when you open a report by selecting an option from the Initial form zoom level dropdown. Page height and Page width zoom dynamically to take up as much space as your TOTAL window allows up to the entire screen. 100% sets the zoom level to TOTAL's default form zoom.

  6. Indicate whether you want TOTAL to scroll forms Vertically (up and down) or Horizontally (left to right) by marking the respective option.
  7. Click Apply or Save & Close to save your changes.