Advanced Search

An advanced search allows you to search for files that match a variety of criteria or fall within certain ranges — like dates or price ranges. There are two types of advanced searches — Field Search and Map Search:

Field Search

  1. From the Appraisal Desktop, or from the SmartMerge screen, click  Advanced to the right of the search bar.

  2. In the window that appears, type your search criteria into the fields provided. Keep in mind that if you enter search criteria into more than one field, only the results that match ALL of the criteria you entered are displayed.

  3. By default, an advanced search includes all of the folders in your Appraisal Desktop. To limit your search to just the folder you selected in your Appraisal Desktop, uncheck the Search all folders checkbox on the lower left.
  4. Click Apply & Close to complete your search and return to the Appraisal Desktop. The list of reports is automatically updated to reflect your search.

Once the search is complete, you can expand the search to span across all of the folders in the Appraisal Desktop by clicking the Try this search again in all folders link at the bottom of the files list.

To clear your search results when you're done with them, click Clear Search to the right of the search bar.

clear search

Map Search

Another new feature in Advanced Search is the ability to refine searches using a map and to refine your search based on a polygon drawn on the map. The Field Search and Map Search tabs work together, so if you want to perform searches based on data on only one of those tabs, you need to make sure that all of the data in the other tab has been cleared.

  1. After filtering your reports with the Field Search, click the Map Search tab.

  2. With the map open, you'll see your reports have been placed on an aerial map with pushpins.

    A blue pushpin ( Blue Pushpin ) indicates an unselected report, while a red pushpin ( Red Pushpin ) indicates the report that was selected when you launched the Advanced Search. If you had no report selected when you launched the Advanced Search from the Appraisal Desktop, or if there wasn't an address entered in your report when you launched it from the SmartMerge screen, the map centers over the office address that is set up in Office Settings.

To help you further refine your results, TOTAL's Map Search allows you to draw market areas on your map. Follow the instructions below to draw a market area:

  1. Click Draw in the toolbar.
  2. After clicking Draw, your mouse cursor changes to a pen icon when you move it over the map image. Click the locations on the map image to plot the points around the perimeter of your market area.
  3. If you make a mistake while plotting the market area, click Clear in your map tools at any time to clear your market area and start over.
  4. When you move your mouse cursor to the last point to close the area, the perimeter of the area is highlighted in red to clearly display the area's boundaries. When it is red, click to plot the last point and close the area.

If you do frequent appraisals in the area, consider saving the market area. To save a market area, simply click Save in the toolbar, name the market area, then click OK.

To load a saved market area, click the dropdown in the toolbar and choose the market area you wish to use.