Import from MLS text file

This is an unsupported feature that was released before we introduced QuickSource — a powerful, new tool that improved this process. The MLS Text File Importer is only available to customers who were actively using it before QuickSource was released. Click here to learn how QuickSource significantly reduces the amount of time and hassle involved with importing MLS data.

The Import from MLS Text file function allows you to take exported property data from a data source, such as your MLS, and import it directly into your report. Most appraisers have access to one or more MLS systems from which they can pull data, and historically, that meant printing and transcribing property records into the comp grid by hand. Instead, TOTAL can help you import that data automatically in a fast and consistent matter. Each time you want to reuse data from your MLS, you'll be able to use the same import process over and over.

The most common file that an MLS will supply is a *.CSV (comma separated value) file, where the data is separated with commas:

Tabs, colons, and the vertical bar are other common delimiters used by many data sources.