Getting Started


Each new TOTAL user can schedule two free 45-minute Welcome Calls with one of our dedicated Product Coaches.  Click here to schedule yours today!

TOTAL is a la mode's latest appraisal software, built from the ground up to be sleek and fast.  Unlike previous versions, TOTAL isn't a simple update to the previous version.  Instead, by rewriting almost everything, we have focused our efforts on the core functions of report writing and have developed our software to make every step of writing your report faster and easier than ever before.

In addition to this user's guide there are a variety of other help resources available to help you learn, as well as interact with us and other TOTAL users:


YouTube Video Playlist YouTube Video Playlist - View any of our TOTAL videos, or click Play All to queue them up and watch all of them with our video playlist on YouTube.
Webinars Webinars - Learn from the comfort of your own office chair by attending our classes online.
Online Help Searchable Online Help - In addition to the content of the User's Guide, you can search our Tech Docs and videos online for the most up-to-date information about using TOTAL.
Printable Hotkeys Printable Hotkeys - A short desktop reference of TOTAL's keyboard hotkeys.
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