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The tool buttons consists of the last two rows of buttons on the keypad and the toolbar is the collection of graphical buttons found on the menu bar.

 - Allows you to quickly access the text favorites list.  Once there, you can select the Edit option to add and remove entries in the favorites list, add new text into the library, and delete/edit existing text entries.

 - Allows you to add a page after the selected page, add a page in front of the selected page, or delete the selected page.  In addition, you can use this button to navigate between pages by selecting the page you want to view and tapping OK.

 - Tapping this button will display the symbols favorites list.  Select a symbol from the list to annotate the sketch. 

 - Tap this button to display calculated values for all calculable areas within the current sketch file.

 - When drawing an Area (area is open), tapping Move will move the drawing pen from one end of the open area to the other, thus allowing you to draw in the opposite direction.  In addition, when not in the process of drawing an Area, tapping Move will allow you to move selected objects or move (pan) around the entire sketch.  If an object is selected, tap Move.  Using the stylus, tap and hold the selected object and drag it to the desired location and lift your stylus.  You will see the object move as you drag your stylus and anchor when you lift the stylus.  If no object is selected, you can tap Move and then drag your stylus to pan your sketch.

 - Tap this button to rotate selected text.

 - Tap this button to quickly close the current area.  If the result is a rectangle, the last two lines will be drawn automatically.  Otherwise, the line needed to close the area will be automatically drawn.

 - Use this icon to draw polylines or free form lines as in the desktop version.  Once depressed, you will be in free form drawing mode.  Use the Enter button to place the pen down to begin drawing, and use Enter again to raise the pen.  To exit this mode, simply tap the icon again.  This feature can be used with open or closed areas.

  - Tap these buttons to automatically zoom into or out of the sketch.  Zoom levels can be set from a predefined set of values (Edit, Preferences, Draw tab).

 - Use this icon to toggle automatic area shading.  With this option active (button depressed), all closed Areas will be filled with a lighter hue of the specific Area's line color setting.

 - Tapping this button will enable communications with a DISTO plus lasermeter. 

  Note: This button can be toggled on and off.  If depressed, MobileSketch will search for Bluetooth devices every time the program is opened.