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KeyPad Functions


There are ways you can enter data into your sketch. Data entry options for your sketch include:





Number buttons - Used to input distances or shape sizes while sketching.

 - This multi-function button is used for drawing angles or drawing quick shapes.  Tapping this button will bring up a menu that will allow you to choose TURN for angles, and nXn for quick shapes.





Arrows - Used to designate directions for sketching and object movement.

Ins - Tapping Ins will insert lines that have been previously deleted.  This is a great tool if you make an error in the middle of your sketch.  You can use the Del key to delete all lines up to and including the error, fix the error and then tap the Ins button to replace the lines drawn after the error.

 - When the pen is up, tap near a corner in your sketch, and then tap this button (in the center of your directional arrows) to cause your cursor/pen to “jump” to the corner.  You can also use this feature to jump the cursor to Free Form line endpoints.  This allows you to seamlessly draw adjacent areas and position interior walls.

Del – While drawing an area (unclosed), tapping Del will delete the last line you have drawn.  Tapping it again will delete the previously drawn line, etc.  The deleted lines remain in memory and can be replaced by tapping Ins.  You can also use the Del key to delete items that you have selected.

  Hint: If an area has been closed, the Del button can be used to reopen the area at a specific line.  First select a line, tap Del, and then select to reopen the area.