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Manual Sketching


Sketching can be accomplished by manually inputting measurements using the virtual keypad, or by using a Bluetooth measuring device to seamlessly transfer data to the Pocket PC.

  1. Define the type of area that is to be drawn.  When you first open MobileSketch, the Define Area screen will open.  If the default preference setting for Define Area on Creation has been disabled (Edit, Preferences, Behavior tab), you will need to tap the Define button to open the Define Area screen.  Alternatively, you can select this option by going to the Draw menu and tapping Define Area (Draw, Define Area).

  2. Tap the area code for the area you want to draw.  You can also set the level by tapping the up/down arrow.  Once you’ve done this, tap OK to advance to the next screen.
  3. Name the area that you want to draw.  You can use the default name, or you can use the integrated virtual keypad to give the area a different name.  You can also add/remove or edit names from the list by tapping the Name button.  Also, tap the Positive or Negative option to add or subtract the area's calculation from the property’s total area calculations and/or set the dimension color to match the line color.  Once this is done, tap OK to advance to the drawing pad.
      Note: If you select the Properties tab in the Define Area screen, you can choose the style, width, or color of the lines you will draw.  This is helpful if you want to differentiate the floors of the building from one another or if you want to differentiate between positive and negative areas.  Once you have selected the linestyle properties, tap OK to advance to the drawing pad.  
  4. Tap the Enter button on the keypad.  You are now in pen-down mode.  This will be the Point of Beginning (POB) for your area.  To position the cursor before placing the pen in drawing mode, you can use the directional keys, pop, or use the navigation button on the PPC.  To use the Stylus to place the POB or draw, you need to select the Enable Stylus Drawing Input option in the Preferences screen (Edit, Preferences, Input tab).

  5. Specify the line you want to draw by typing a dimension on the keypad and tapping the directional arrow key to denote the direction.  The line will be drawn but not anchored (colored red).  Tap Enter to anchor the line (black by default).  As you are drawing, you will see that the dimension and direction are displayed in the Help/Status  Line which is displayed in yellow on the lower left of the drawing area.  You can use the Bksp button to correct any typing errors prior to tapping a direction.
      Note: If the Help/Status Line is not visible, select Show Help/Status Line from the View menu.  
  6. Repeat step 4 for each line you sketch.  When you get to the last line, you can simply tap Close to finish sketching the area.
  7. To sketch additional areas, tap the Define button and continue with step 2 above.