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Sketch Basics


Appraisers across the country are ditching their tape measures and wheels in favor of the super accurate Disto Laser meter. Couple that with the latest MobileSketch from Apex and mix in a little Bluetooth communication and you've got a sketching system built for the 21st century. This course shows you how to combine these technologies to shave valuable minutes off your sketches and help improve accuracy at the same time.

MobileSketch enables you to draw sketches and determine the area calculations of areas directly on your Pocket PC.  Bluetooth enabled Pocket PCs can take advantage of MobileSketch's ability to directly connect to advanced measuring tools like the DISTO plus Lasermeter.

MobileSketch works much the same as Apex IV (desktop version).  Once you’ve synced with your desktop PC, the sketches you create in MobileSketch are fully editable in both the WinTOTAL-integrated and stand-alone versions of Apex.