Connect to the Cloud

Before you can move files between TOTAL for Mobile and your PC, you need to install TOTAL for Mobile Sync from your TOTAL dashboard. Click here for installation instructions. Once TOTAL for Mobile Sync is installed on your PC, follow the instructions below to sync your mobile device:

  1. Open TOTAL for Mobile on your mobile device, and tap the menu icon (  ) on the upper left.
  2. Press Connect to Cloud.

    If you're currently connected to another computer, tap Disconnect from Cloud, and then tap the menu icon (  ) again to choose Connect to Cloud.
  3. Keep the four‑digit code on your mobile device screen, and open TOTAL's Appraisal Desktop on your PC.
  4. From TOTAL's Appraisal Desktop, click the Dashboard icon on the upper right.

  5. Locate TOTAL for Mobile Sync in the list of programs and click Configure.

  6. Choose between your Personalized QuickLists or TOTAL for Mobile's built‑in QuickLists, and click Connect Device.

    To change which QuickLists you want to use on your device after you've connected to the cloud, simply click Configure in the TOTAL for Mobile Sync section of TOTAL dashboard, select the QuickLists you want to use, and click OK.
  7. Enter the four‑digit code from Step 3 and click Connect.

  8. Click OK to return to your Dashboard, where you can upload and download files to and from the cloud.

Multiple Devices on One Cloud

If your work environment includes several different mobile devices with TOTAL for Mobile, you may want to sync all of them to the same cloud. Think of the cloud like a set of storage folders: for each a la mode customer number, the cloud creates one big folder. Within it, sub‑folders are created for each TOTAL Username.

To use the same sub‑folder for all of your mobile devices, simply sync each device under the same TOTAL Username.

To change Usernames, click the User icon to the left of the Dashboard button, then click Switch User.

Once you select a User, repeat Steps 1 through 7 as shown above for each device you own. Every time you sync a device, a new 4‑digit code is provided. You can sync as many devices as you want to a single User.

Files in the Cloud

When files have been modified on both ends:

Here are some things to consider in cases where a file is modified in both TOTAL and TOTAL for Mobile:

All reports are available on the cloud for 30 days after the last time it was modified. After 30 days the report is removed from the cloud server and will need to be re‑uploaded from your TOTAL for Mobile device, TOTAL or WinTOTAL.

Disconnect from the Cloud

You can disconnect from the cloud at any time:

  1. Open TOTAL for Mobile and from the File Manager, tap the menu icon (  ) on the upper left.
  2. In the menu that appears, tap Disconnect from Cloud.