Define Structure

While sketching in TOTAL for Mobile, the Area Properties menu automatically appears when you close an area. TOTAL for Mobile attempts to predict what type of area has been drawn and assigns it to the primary Dwelling structure. But, you can easily adjust the area type and structure assignment from the Area Properties menu.

If you just closed an area and you're already viewing the Area Properties, begin with Step 4 below. Otherwise, to define the structure for an existing area in a sketch:

  1. In a sketch, tap the Modify icon (  ) to enter Modify Mode. If you're using an iPhone or a similar device with a smaller screen, press the mode icon on your sketch keyboard and select Modify.
  2. Select the area you wish to define by tapping a blank section inside of the area. When selected, the area turns yellow.

  3. Tap Define on the upper left.
  4. When you close an area, TOTAL for Mobile attempts to predict what type of area has been drawn. Scroll through the list to choose a different area type for your area. Or, create a new area type if necessary.

  5. Once you've selected an area type, scroll to the top of the list and tap the structure type listed under Current Assignment.

  6. If you've already created the structure you want to use in the Structure PowerView, select the existing structure from the list. Otherwise, tap  Struct, enter a name or description for the Structure Type, and press OK.

    If you need to delete an area or structure from the list, swipe the area or structure name to the left and tap Delete. Or, click here for instructions on deleting a structure, area, or room from the Structure PowerView.
  7. When you're finished, press the Back button on the upper left, verify that the structure type, area type, and calculations are correct, and tap Ok on the upper right.
As you add room labels to your sketch, the corresponding rooms are added to the list of Rooms in the Structure PowerView. Simply double‑tap the label or select it and press Info at the top to view and edit the room's details.