Register TOTAL Sketch

In most cases TOTAL Sketch is automatically registered the first time you launch it while you're in a report inside TOTAL or WinTOTAL Aurora. Click here for instructions on opening a sketch from TOTAL.  Or, click here for instructions for Aurora.

If you're not using TOTAL or Aurora, TOTAL Sketch prompts you to register the first time you open the program.  The activation code is located in the Download Products section of your a la mode account.  For instructions on retrieving your activation code, click here.

On occassion you may need to re‑register TOTAL Sketch with new registration information.  To manually register TOTAL Sketch:

  1. In TOTAL Sketch, click Help, and then Register TOTAL Sketch from the menus.
  2. Enter your customer number, a name for your computer, and your TOTAL Sketch activation code into the spaces provided.  You can copy the activation code from your a la mode account, then paste into the first activation code box to avoid typing.
  3. Click OK to authorize your computer.