Working With Sketches

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Create New Sketch |  Edit an existing sketch |  Import a sketch |  Print Sketch |  Sketch with |  Sketch Pages in Report |  Area Calculations |  Property Characteristics |  Sketch Preview |  Adjust Zoom Level |  Property Map |  Subject Photos

Create a New Sketch

To create a new sketch in TOTAL:

  1. Click New Sketch in your toolbar.
  2. Choose the type of sketch page to add to your report from the drop‑down menu. This is set to Building Sketch by default.
  3. Complete your sketch in your sketching software. Then, save and exit to transfer the data back to your report.

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Edit an existing sketch

To edit an existing sketch in your report:

  1. Select your sketch from the Sketch Pages in Report pane.
  2. Click Edit Sketch in the toolbar.
  3. After clicking Edit Sketch, TOTAL opens the sketch page in your sketching software. Make the necessary modifications. Then, save and exit to transfer the new data back to your report.

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Import a Sketch

To import a sketch page from a previous report:

  1. Click Import Sketch in your toolbar.
  2. Search for your report, or select the folder where your report is located in the Folders pane.
  3. Select the report from the Reports pane in the middle.
  4. The sketch pages in the selected report are displayed on the right, and a preview of the sketch page that is currently selected is displayed underneath.
  5. When you're ready to import the sketch, simply click Import.

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Print Sketch

To print a copy of your sketch, click Print Sketch in your toolbar, select your printing options, and click OK.

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Sketch with

Choose the sketching software you want to use when creating a new sketch or editing an existing sketch. TOTAL Sketch is selected by default.

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Sketch Pages in Report

Select a page in the Sketch Pages in Report pane to preview that page. Click the red X to remove the page from your report

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Area Calculations

The Area Calculations pane displays the available area types and their corresponding values derived from your sketching software. Each area has an insert checkbox, and the boxes can be checked or unchecked depending on your report transfer preferences.

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Property Characteristics

The Property Characteristics pane displays the subject property information as entered into your report. This proves helpful by referencing key characteristics of your subject property.

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Sketch Preview

The Sketch Preview pane displays a preview of the sketch page currently selected in the Sketch Pages in Report pane.

Click the magnifying glass icons to zoom in and out on you sketch page. If you have zoomed in on your sketch, click and drag on the image to pan and move the image.

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Property Map

The Property Map pane displays an aerial map of the subject address as presented by Google maps. Click the Plus (+) and Minus (-) signs to zoom in and out on the image, and click and drag on the map image to pan and move the map.

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Subject Photos

The Subject Photos pane displays any subject photos in your report. This is helpful for referencing specific areas of the property when drawing the sketch.

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