Send Files to Titan Drive

There are a few ways to upload files to your Titan Drive storage area.

For more information about configuring Titan Drive for automatic uploads, see the File Backup and Settings Backup sections of this User's Guide.

If you prefer not to use our scheduler or you want to manually send files to Titan Drive in between scheduled backups, use Titan Drive's uploader to send a batch of files at any time. Follow the instructions below to check for new and updated files, or send files that have been queued to your Titan Drive storage area:

  1. Click Start (  ), go to [All] Programs, hover over a la mode Titan Drive, and select Send Files to Titan Drive.
    If you're using Windows 8 or Windows 10, simply press the Windows key, type Send files to Titan Drive into the Start screen, and press Enter.
  2. Titan Drive's uploader appears, verifies your a la mode login, and uploads any new or updated files.

    File Uploader

  3. Review the summary of the upload and click Finish to close the uploader.

Every time you upload files to your Titan Drive storage area, whether you do it manually or automatically, you receive an email confirmation of the transfer. This email contains a session summary with a complete list of every file that was uploaded, the number of files that were transferred, and the number of files currently being stored.