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Send Reports to Vault


Titan Drive allows you to store your files in a secure online repository for backup purposes, or to share files with your colleagues. While this tool can monitor your system and automatically upload any modified files on a regular basis, you can also send files manually to Titan Drive from the Appraisal Desktop.

Send Files to Titan Drive

  Note: While we're transitioning from Vault to Titan Drive, various file names, buttons, and settings still refer to Vault and Exact. Even though they say Vault or Exact, these buttons and settings are also used for Titan Drive.  
  1. From the Appraisal Desktop, select any file (or multiple files) in the file list and click the Send to Vault button in the toolbar.
  2. Confirm the list of files to be sent and click:
    • Remove — to remove the selected file from the queue of files to be sent to Titan Drive.
    • Send Now — to immediately connect to the Internet and send the selected files.
    • Send Later — to send these files the next time your system performs an automatic backup.
    • Cancel — to cancel this operation.