Install the File Downloader Utility

The File Downloader Utility enables you to download your files from Titan Drive. If you're using TOTAL, the File Downloader Utility is included in a TOTAL update. So, just make sure you have the latest TOTAL updates to get it installed. If you're not using TOTAL, follow the instructions below to install the File Downloader Utility:

  1. Log in to Titan Reports.
  2. Click Download on the upper left and select Install download helper app.

    Install download helper app

  3. When the file finishes downloading, Open or Run the TADSetup.exe file. If you're not sure how to do this, choose your web browser from the tabs below:

    Google Chrome

    1. If you're prompted to save the file, choose a location such as your Windows Desktop, and click Save.
    2. When it finishes downloading, click the file on the bottom left of the browser window to open it. Or, press Ctrl + J on your keyboard and click the TADSetup.exe file name in your list of downloads.

      Press the Ctrl and J keys

    Microsoft Edge

    After you choose your Download option, simply click TADSetup.exe.

    Click Open

    Mozilla Firefox

    After you choose your Download option, simply click TADSetup.exe.

    Click TADSetup.exe

  4. When the installation wizard appears, click Next.

    Click Next

  5. Review the license agreement, choose the I accept option, and click Next.

    Accept the agreement and click Next

  6. Click Install to begin the installation process.

    Click Install

  7. When it's done installing the necessary components, click Finished.

    Click Finished

That's it! Once the File Downloader Utility is installed, you're ready to download files from Titan Drive.