As you use Titan Office to manage your billing and invoicing needs, Titan Office tracks your billing activities so that you can easily monitor them from the Orders section.

The Dashboard provides a high level overview of your recent billing activities so you can quickly get an understanding of your recent workload, top clients, and billed work. To use the Dashboard:

  1. Log in to Titan Office and click the Orders tab on the upper right.
  2. Click Dashboard on the upper right.

From here, there are a number of stats and information available to help you track your workload and billing activities:

Status Ticker
At the top of Titan Office's Dashboard is a status ticker that displays the number of new, unassigned, open, completed, and past due orders, as well as the number of outstanding and past due invoices. Click on any of the statuses to quickly jump to that list of orders or invoices.
Office Notice
This allows notes and alerts to be posted so that you can easily distribute important information to everyone in the office. Click the edit button to create or update a notice.
Completed Orders
Displays a year‑over‑year chart to compare the number of orders completed this year versus the previous year.
Order Revenue
This displays a graph that shows the total amount of revenue for orders for a specific period of time. Use the drop‑down menu to choose the interval of time.
Order Volume
Displays a graph of the volume of orders received within the selected time frame. Use the drop‑down menu to choose the interval of time.
Top Clients by Fee
A bar graph and line chart that shows the number of orders placed and associated fees by your top clients. Use the drop‑down menu to choose the interval of time.
Office Pipeline
This displays additional order information for new orders, orders that are in progress, orders where the inspection has been completed, and orders that are past due. From here:
Unassigned Orders
Displays a list of orders that have been received or created, but have not been assigned to an appraiser.
Assigned, No Inspection Scheduled
This shows a list of orders that have been assigned to an appraiser, but haven't had an inspection scheduled.
Pending Approval
Displays a list of orders where the order status has been updated to Pending Appraiser Review and are ready for review by the appraiser.
Invoices Due
This shows a list of invoices that have a due date prior to the current date. Click the drop‑down menu to filter the list of invoices and choose to show All invoices, or show invoices that are 7, 14, 30, 60, or 90 or more days past due.