Back Up Your Preferences

If you opted not to use the automated Vault scheduler, or if you want to backup your configuration data between the scheduled times, make sure you've configured Exact. Then, follow the instructions below to upload your preferences manually.

  1. Click Start, go to [All] Programs, hover over a la mode Vault, and select Backup Your Preferences.
    If you're using Windows 8/10, simply press the Windows key and type Backup Your Preferences into the Start screen/menu and press Enter.
  2. Exact automatically gathers your WinTOTAL and/or TOTAL preferences, connects to the Internet, and begins uploading your preferences to our servers. When it's done uploading your data, review the summary and click Finish.
Color Categories in TOTAL's Appraisal Desktop are installation‑specific, and can't be transferred using Vault.