Creating XML Files for a 1004D Form

This document explains how you can create XML formatted reports for the 1004D form in TOTAL.

Document 9115  |  Last updated:  03/13/2018 SPB

When a client requests an Appraisal Update/Completion Report to be done on properties you have previously appraised, the process in itself is straight‑forward. However, sometimes the delivery process can be a bit confusing when converting your report into the client's desired format. Follow the instructions below to select the appropriate forms and convert your report to XML format.

Keep in mind, converting your 1004D report to an XML format will NOT generate the MISMO 2.6 GSE version. The 1004D form only creates a MISMO 2.6 Errata 1 XML. For more information on MISMO XML supported forms, click here.

Additionally, if you need to deliver your report as an .ENV file with the 1004D in MISMO XML format, you'll need to use the MAJOR version of the 1004D form to create the .ENV file.

If you're working in TOTAL and you're ready to send your Completion report to your client, there are a couple of options to send the 1004D in XML format.

Keep the minor form version of the 1004D

If you prefer to add the 1004D to your original report and have everything associated all in one place, simply keep the minor version of the 1004D form in your report.

Then, choose to create the XML file of your report with either just the 1004 or just the 1004D. However, within the XML file the embedded PDF includes options to incorporate both the 1004 and 1004D forms, or just the 1004D.

Embed just the 1004D
Follow these instructions to save the XML. Uncheck the 1004 form when prompted to select which forms and pages to print to PDF. Then, save the XML to your computer.
Embed both the 1004 and 1004D
Follow these instructions to save the XML. Select either 1004 or 1004D2 when prompted for which form is needed.

Print XML options

Swap the major forms
If you decide you would rather have your 1004 URAR and your 1004D stored as separate reports, start a new report with the major version of the 1004D form (1004DM2), found in your contents panel with a major form icon ( major form icon for TOTAL ). Once you've created a new report with the 1004D major form, you can merge any additional data from your original report. Click here for instructions on merging reports.
In rare instances, you may receive the error "XML file type cannot be auto‑detected" when uploading your 1004D. This occurs because your client flagged the order to require a GSE‑compliant form but the 1004D isn't one of those forms. In these cases, the client must remove that requirement or the report will need to be delivered using a 1004 UAD MAJOR form and a minor 1004D. For more information, please refer to the UCDP guide that explains this error.

That's it!  After swapping major forms or selecting the appropriate form to be converted to XML format, you can now deliver your report to your client.

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