Automatic sketching with ScanToSketch in TOTAL for Mobile — FAQ

This document answers some of the most commonly asked questions about automatic sketching with ScanToSketch in TOTAL for Mobile.

Document 8100  |  Last updated:  03/20/2023 MJY

What is ScanToSketch?

ScanToSketch is an advanced sketching feature that allows the appraiser to just walk around the property, drop virtual Pop Points at each of the corners using your device's camera, and get an instant sketch of the exterior footprint. Plus, your sketch never leaves your hands, so you don't have to wait for a third‑party to revise and send it back.

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What devices are compatible?

Currently, ScanToSketch in TOTAL for Mobile is supported on:

  • iPhone 12 Pro/Pro Max
  • iPhone 13 Pro/Pro Max
  • iPhone 14 Pro/Pro Max
  • iPad Pro (2020 and newer)

How much does ScanToSketch cost?

ScanToSketch is a Beta feature and is free to try while we're working on fine‑tuning it. We'll announce additional pricing information when ScanToSketch is officially released.

How can I try ScanToSketch?

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What scenario is best for using ScanToSketch?

The best use case for ScanToSketch is when there is a clear line of sight of the corners, lighting conditions are good, and you are able to get within optimal distance of the wall or floor line (3‑16 feet). However, accurate scans are still possible even when ideal conditions aren't present — follow our best practices to get the most accurate measurements possible.

Can I use ScanToSketch for any sketch? Are there any limitations?

Currently ScanToSketch is best for ground floor scanning. However, if other floors are within range of the scanner (~16 feet), it's possible to scan other floors. It's great for scanning straight walls and angles such as bay windows, but not for arcs, curves, or circles at this time.

What is the ideal distance when scanning?

The optimal distance we've found is within 16 feet, but it can vary based on environmental conditions.

How accurate is ScanToSketch?

From our initial tests, we have found ScanToSketch accuracy and deviation to be an average of 2%. However, this can vary based on environmental conditions and technique.

Can I use ScanToSketch for interior walls?

Not at this time, but stay tuned for future enhancements.

Is ScanToSketch ANSI compliant?

ScanToSketch is capable of measuring to the nearest hundredth of a foot, but it doesn't take things in to consideration like designating an area as below grade, or whether or not an area should be included in GLA.

Do I have to use ScanToSketch from start to finish?

We recommend scanning the entire footprint for the best automatic sketching experience, but you can launch ScanToSketch at any time while sketching and use it for any part of your sketch. Click here to learn more.

However, you can scan partial wall sections or even manually draw wall sections and stitch them together as needed.

Is there an Android equivalent?

Not at this time. Stay tuned for future developments

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