Correcting shrunken or letter sized sketch pages

This document explains how to correct issues when your sketch appears too small or off-center in your report.

Document 8011  |  Last updated:  08/28/2017 MJY

Occasionally, after completing a sketch and saving it back to TOTAL, your sketch appears either shrunken or off‑center on the page. This is typically caused by having a Letter‑sized page in your report — usually just above the sketch page — or having an errant symbol or line far away from the main drawing in your sketcher. Follow the directions below to resolve this issue.

Letter size pages

The first thing to check is for any Letter size pages in your report, and if there are any, replace them with the appropriate Legal size page. Here's how:

  1. With your report open, click Contents to open the Contents PowerView.
  2. In the Forms in report column on the right, scroll down until you see your Building Sketch page.

  3. Now, look directly above or below the Building Sketch page and see if one of those forms are Letter size.

  4. If there is a letter page directly above or below the Building Sketch page, you need to remove that page and replace it with the appropriate Legal sized page. If you're not sure how to remove and replace pages, click here for detailed instructions.

Errant symbols or walls in your sketch

Another common cause of small or off‑center sketches in your report is a stray symbol, wall, or label in your sketch. If you see something off to the side that doesn't belong, simply select the errant sketch element and delete it. If you don't see any random symbols or walls, copy and paste the existing area to a new page in the sketcher, then delete the original page. For more information on copying and pasting areas in TOTAL Sketch, click here.

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