TOTAL Sketch Pro FAQ

This document answers some commonly asked questions about TOTAL Sketch Pro.

Document 8002  |  Last updated:  10/23/2020 SPB

What is included in TOTAL Sketch Pro?

In addition to access to the Pro features (listed below), which are not available in the free TOTAL Sketch Standard, you also get the ability to integrate any 3rd party sketching program listed for sale in the TOTAL Store.

What functions come with TOTAL Sketch Pro?

Currently, you will have access to Trace Mode and Photometrics. Trace Mode creates a background image of an existing area in a sketch for you to use as a reference for tracing. In addition to serving as a visual reference, Trace Mode displays corner points and pop points to easily create additional stories, or areas such as basements that share some, but not necessarily all of the same walls. Photometrics allows you to import an image file, such as a plat map or aerial photo, into a Sketch. Then, you're able to use that image as a reference point to set a custom scale. This is especially useful when you're recreating existing image documents within the sketch to an exact scale.

Also, you'll soon have access to Site Sketch.

How do I purchase TOTAL Sketch Pro?

The quickest way to purchase TOTAL Sketch Pro is by using the TOTAL Store. Your order is instantly processed, and you're sketching in no time. Click here to view TOTAL Sketch Pro on the TOTAL Store.

If you prefer, you can still give us a call at 1‑800‑ALAMODE and order by phone, too.

If you're an Elite member, then you already own TOTAL Sketch Pro and don't need to do anything.

Will everyone in my office need a TOTAL Sketch Pro license?

Users in a TOTAL network will require an additional license to use TOTAL Sketch Pro features or to be able to integrate 3rd party sketch software. Additionally, any users working remotely would also need TOTAL Sketch Pro licenses to make use of the extended features or to use 3rd party sketching software.

How do I activate TOTAL Sketch Pro?

After purchasing TOTAL Sketch Pro, just launch TOTAL and start a new sketch. Click on a TOTAL Sketch Pro feature (listed above) and you'll be prompted for your username and password, which is how we verify your purchase.

Do I need TOTAL Sketch Pro if I use Apex or another 3rd party sketcher?

Yes. TOTAL Sketch Pro allows for the integration of 3rd party sketchers. If you want to integrate your sketcher, you must have a valid TOTAL Sketch Pro license.

How does TOTAL Sketch Pro work on my mobile device?

If you have the TOTAL for Mobile app, you can use Trace Mode. Simply open the Sketch PowerView and click the Trace Mode icon. Then, log in using your a la mode username and password. You can only enable TOTAL Sketch Pro on a single device per TOTAL Sketch Pro license.

Why am I being prompted to log in when I try to use my 3rd party sketcher?

To verify that you have a valid TOTAL Sketch Pro license, we require you to log in using your a la mode username and password prior to integration with your 3rd party sketcher. After logging in, TOTAL Sketch remembers your information and won't prompt you to log in again.

If you've forgotten your password, click here for instructions on resetting it.

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