Setting up an email client

This document helps you find directions for adding an account to an email client.

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In order to use the Share Report feature in TOTAL, you need to have a desktop email client configured.  If you choose to use a webmail account such as Gmail or Hotmail without a corresponding desktop client, you must manually attach your report file to an email message.  Click here to learn how to manually attach a report file.

There are two basic connection types for email:  IMAP and POP3.

  • IMAP leaves your email messages online, instead of downloading copies of your messages, ensuring that your email is accessable from any computer or device.
  • POP3 is a client-based technology that stores all your email messages and folders on your computer.  However, using POP3 usually means that marking a message as read on your desktop doesn't mark it as read on your mobile device (or vice versa).
Click here for a detailed description of the differences between the IMAP and POP3 connection types.

Once you have decided which connection type to use, click on a link below to find instructions for your email provider.

 Google's Gmail IMAP | POP3
 Yahoo! Mail IMAP | POP3,,, or IMAP | POP3

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