How to update your address and office information in TOTAL

This document explains how to change your office settings and edit your contact details to update the office information and address that automatically transfers to your invoice and other forms in your report.

Document 6517  |  Last updated:  07/12/2021 SPB

When your office address changes or you begin to work with another appraisal company, you often need to update the office information that automatically transfers to your invoice and other forms in TOTAL. There are two locations in TOTAL where you update your office information and address: Office Settings and Contact Details

If your company address is included in the company description at the top of your form, click here for instructions on how to change your company description to update that information.

Continue with the instructions below to update your office settings, or click here to jump to the next section for instructions on updating your contact details.

Office Settings

TOTAL's Office Settings is where you specify the office information you want to use on your invoice. The address entered here is also used to generate the automated directions in the Assignment PowerView.

Follow the instructions below to update your Office Settings:

  1. With TOTAL open, click Tools on the upper left, and select Configure Settings from the drop‑down menu.

  2. In the Settings window, select Office Settings from the list of categories on the left.

  3. Adjust your Company, Address, and Contact information. When you're finished, click Save & Close on the lower right.

That's it! Your new office information is used the next time you start a new report. Continue with the instructions below to update the address and company information associated with your appraiser contact in the Contacts PowerView.

Contact Details

The address information stored in your contact details is what is used to populate the signature area of your forms. This information is stored in either your individual contact details, or the associated company contact.

Follow the instructions below to update the office address in your contact details:

  1. From TOTAL's Appraisal Desktop, click the Contacts tab.

    Use the View drop‑down menu on the upper left to switch between Individual contacts, Company contacts, or All to view all of the individual and company contacts in your contacts database.
  2. Locate the entry for your individual or company contact, and double-click it to edit the contact details:

    Individual Contacts
    Go to the Work tab to edit the office address for your contact. If your individual contact is set to Use company address, you have a few options to update the address:
    • Select a different company from the Company drop‑down menu.
    • Change your individual contact to Use address below and manually enter the new address.
    • Or, click Cancel on the lower right to return to the Contacts PowerView to locate the associated company contact to edit and update the address there.
    Company Contacts
    Update the office address for your company contact in the Details tab. Go to the Individuals tab to Add, Edit, or Delete the association between your company and individual contact.
  3. When you're finished, click Save on the lower right.

That's it! Once you save your Office Settings and update your contact details, TOTAL automatically fills out all of the pertinent information in your report with the updated data the next time you add an invoice, sign, or start a new report.

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