Controlling your own domain

This document helps you take control of your XSite domain so you can manage it yourself. This is useful if you need to control DNS settings, or transfer it to another registrar.

Document 5748  |  Last updated:  02/12/2021 MJY

When you create an XSite and choose a domain (your ".com"), the XSite wizard automatically registers it for you. You're the designated administrative contact and billing contact; we're only the technical contact.

Being the technical contact enables us to renew your domain automatically when you renew your XSite, as well as integrate it with related products such as XSellerate. This is standard for web hosting services.

Before we can give you control of your domain, we need some documentation from you. Follow the instructions below to get started!

  1. First, create an account with a domain registrar of your choice. We recommend eNom or Google, but it's up to you. For a full list of ICANN-accredited registrars, click here.
  2. Click here to download our Domain Transfer Form.
  3. Fill out the Domain Transfer form, sign it, and submit it to along with a scanned copy of your government-issued, photo ID.
  4. We'll process your request within two business days after we receive your documentation. Afterwards, you'll receive an email from eNom containing a Transfer Authorization Key (also called an EPP Code).
  5. Provide the Authorization Key/EPP Code to your registrar. They'll use the code to transfer your domain.
    At this point, your registrar will extend the expiration date of your domain by one year, and you'll be charged for one year of service. This charge shows up in your registrar's account within five business days.
  6. That's it! If you have any questions about domain transfers, send us a message at
    You can transfer your domain to a different registrar as many times as you like. However, per ICANN rules, you can only initiate a transfer once every 60 days.

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