How do I know if I have TOTAL Connect Pro?

This document explains how to verify whether or not you've purchased a TOTAL Connect Pro contract.

Document 5060  |  Last updated:  01/09/2017 MJY

Follow the instructions below to see if you have TOTAL Connect Pro, which includes plugins for CoreLogic, AppraisalPort (AI Ready/ENV), and other delivery partners:

  1. Click here to log in to
  2. Enter your a la mode Username and Password, and click Log In. If you're not sure what your a la mode login is, or if you need to reset your password, click here for instructions.
  3. Go to the Download Products section if you weren't taken there automatically.
  4. Review your list of products:
    • If TOTAL Connect Pro is included in your list of products available for download, that means you've purchased a contract and you have access to all of the plugins.

    • If you only have TOTAL Connect in your list of available products, that means you haven't purchased a TOTAL Connect Pro Contract and you only have access to a limited list of plugins. Click here to view a complete list of plugins and to see which of them are included with a TOTAL Connect Pro contract.

If you find that you haven't purchased a TOTAL Connect Pro contract, click here to learn more or purchase one today.

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