How to create a custom chart or graph in Titan Analytics

This document explains how to create and customize your own charts and graphs in Titan Analytics.

Document 3009  |  Last updated:  05/13/2020 MJY

  1. Go through your normal process to export data from your MLS and upload it to Titan Analytics. If you're new to Titan Analytics, or you need a refresher, click here for step‑by‑step instructions.
  2. Once you reach the Analytics section, click + Create New at the top of the list of Available Analytics.

  3. Choose what data you want to include, and customize your chart as needed:

    1. Check this box to include a data point in your chart for the subject property.
    2. Check this box to show the number of comps and market properties that match each data point in a bar graph format. Leave this unchecked to display only the charted data points.
    3. Choose what data to include along the vertical Y‑Axis. Options include:
      • Count Items
      • Sale Price
      • Sales $/sf.
    4. Choose what data to include along the horizontal X‑Axis. Options include:
      • Age
      • Bedrooms
      • Below Grade Finished Area
      • Garage Spaces
      • Levels
      • Sales Date
      • Square Footage
      • Total Baths
      • Year Built
    5. When you choose Age, Below Grade Finished Area, Sales Date, Square Footage, or Year Built for the X‑Axis, an additional option is displayed to adjust the Group Size (X‑Axis):
      • For numeric‑based data, enter the number by which you want to group, or use the plus and minus buttons to adjust the grouping incrementally.
      • For date‑based data, choose whether you want to group your data by Weeks, Months, Quarters, or Years.
    6. Click Edit Chart Title to adjust the title of your custom chart. In the window that appears, enter the title as you want it to appear, and click OK.

  4. When you're finished, scroll to the top, choose your custom chart from the list of Available Analytics, and click the right arrow ( to add it to the list of Analytics Selected For Export on the right.

    To delete a custom chart you created, simply click the red X ( to the right of the chart title in the list of Available Analytics, and then click Delete to confirm that you want to permanently remove it.
  5. Add any additional charts or graphs you want to export to your report. Then, click Next to choose your export options and export everything to your report in TOTAL.

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