Handling incorrect balloon placement

This document explains how to address incorrect ballon placement when a balloon is placed in the wrong location in the map wizard.

Document 1021  ¦  Last updated:  02/15/2017 KMG

The Map wizard in WinTOTAL and TOTAL uses a process called "geocoding" to determine a property's latitude and longitude based on the address you supply in your report.  While geocoding tends to be quite accurate in major metropolitan and suburban areas, it can often be a bit inaccurate in areas of new construction or rural areas due to the lack of available information about those areas, or if there is a disruption with Microsoft's geocoding service.

Of course, this problem is not exclusive to a la mode software.  Typically, other major map providers like Microsoft MapPoint, Bing Maps, and Yahoo! Maps suffer from the same problems.  The only way to completely avoid the caveats of geocoding is to supply WinTOTAL or TOTAL with the exact latitude and longitude of the property you wish to place on your map, but you can always annotate your maps and move the balloons as well.

In many cases incorrect balloon placement is due to bad geo‑coding data, especially for reports that were merged from a template or previous report.  In these cases simply using Ctrl + K in the address fields and re‑entering the data will resolve the issue.  If this doesn't resolve the issue, you'll need to manually place the balloons.

Here's a quick way to handle misplaced balloons.  To move balloons on your map:

  1. While you're in the Map Wizard, click a balloon on the map to select it.  When a balloon is selected, white squares (called handles) appear around the perimeter of the balloon as well as at the end of the balloon pointer.

  2. Click the handle at the end of the balloon pointer and drag it to the new location.

  3. When the balloon or pointer is in the desired location, release the mouse button to place it.
  4. Click Finish to save your annotations and transfer the data to your report

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