Using Images

A graphic element on a page adds balance and makes it eye catching. Your site comes stock with a library of images and "jelly buttons" that you can use, but you can also add your own images via the File Library. To add your own image to your content:

  1. In the Content Editor, click the image icon (  ) in your toolbar.
  2. You're presented with a list of files (if any) that you've uploaded to your site. Click the file you want to insert into your page.

  3. If you need to upload an image to your site, click the Upload Image tab to do so.
  4. A preview of the image appears in the box on the right. Verify that the image is indeed the one you want to insert. If you need to adjust the image preview so that it's smaller or larger, you can use the zoom buttons above the image preview. If you're unsure which button is which, just hover your cursor over each button for a description of how it zooms. Options are:
  5. Type a short description of the image into the Image Alt Text field. This description appears whenever viewers hover their cursor over the image and can improve your search engine ranking (when combined with other techniques in your site) as search engines can read this text.
  6. Finally, click Insert to place the image into your page.

Once an image is in your web page, of course, you may also want to do some of the following things: