Using Doorway Forms

While embedding contact forms into the pages of your site in various ways is an excellent tactic to generate leads, sometimes you may want to use a form as a "doorway" that blocks access to a page of your site unless your visitor fills it out. Other times, you might just want to periodically remind your prospects that they can contact you for assistance on your site. Both of these tactics form the basis of your site's doorway forms tools.

Blocking Doorway Forms

Blocking doorway forms allow you to prevent access to a specific page of your site, or to prevent further access to your site by requiring the visitor to supply a password or fill out a form before continuing through your site. To set up a blocking form that "prevents" access to a specific page of your site:

  1. From your site's Client Data Capture tools, click PowerView in the Lead Tools menu on the left.
  2. Find the page you wish to block in the list provided. As necessary, use the options at the top to filter the pages listed in the PowerView so you can find the page you need more quickly. Options include:
  3. When you find the page you wish to block with a Client Data Capture form, you can either password protect the page to generate leads through password requests OR select a specific doorway form to block the page.
Doorway forms and, in particular, required doorway forms are effective lead generation tools when used properly. But if you use them excessively or require too much information, they're often more frustrating to your visitors than they are useful. For best results, use doorway forms sparingly, and only in places where you've justified the value of what you're offering in exchange for the visitors' contact information.

Reminder Doorway Forms

Reminder forms are forms that periodically pop up to prompt the visitor for information. Unlike traditional blocking forms, they aren't attached to any specific page of your site. Instead you specify how often the forms should appear as the visitor browses your site to control when it appears. You can also use reminder forms as blocking forms by capping the number of pages a visitor can view on your site without providing contact information. To set up a reminder form on your site:

  1. From your site's Client Data Capture tools, click Global Settings in the Lead Tools menu on the left.
  2. In the screen that appears, check the Activate the Page Counter Trigger box and specify the number of pages that you will allow visitors to view on your site before "reminding" them with a form.
  3. From the drop‑down menus on the right, select a form to use as your reminder form and a contact group into which to save the leads from the reminder form.
  4. To use the reminder form as a blocking form that prevents your visitors from browsing through your site until they fill it out, check the Require the visitor to complete the form box.
  5. If you're not using the reminder form as a blocking form, you can specify a maximum number of times to show the form to your visitor by checking the Until the visitor fills out this form, show it a maximum of box and specifying a maximum number of times to show the form.
  6. To tell your site which pages to "count" as a gauge for how often to show your reminder form, check the boxes in the Pages to Count section. Options include:
  7. When finished, click Save to apply your changes.