Resizing Images

To resize an image you've added to your web page:

  1. In the Content Editor, click the image you want to resize and note the "handles" that appear on its sides and corners.

  2. Click one of the handles in the area where you want to begin resizing and drag the image handle in the direction you want to enlarge or shrink the image. For example, to make the image wider, "grab" the handle on the right side or left side of the image and "pull" it so that it "stretches" or resizes into a wider image.
While clicking and dragging is the easiest method of resizing an image, there is the possibility that you'll skew or scrunch your image while you're dragging. To ensure that the image is scaled properly in both dimensions, use the Image Properties tool instead.
This process lets you shrink images so they appear smaller on screen. However, it does not decrease the actual file size. To decrease an image's file size, you need an image editing program and may need the assistance of a professional image designer.