General Settings

To adjust TOTAL Sketch's General settings:

  1. From TOTAL Sketch's Preferences, click the General tab.

  2. Apply your preferred options. Options include:
    Startup Mode
    Choose whether you want to start in Draw mode or Modify mode when opening a new sketch, and when editing an existing sketch.
    Input Mode
    Choose your preferred method of input. Mouse and keyboard mode is selected by default. Select Pen Mode if your device uses a pen or stylus or if it allows for touch input
    Startup Window Position
    This setting controls the size of the window in which TOTAL Sketch opens. If you want TOTAL Sketch to fill your entire screen, select the Maximized option. Select Use Last Position to remember the window size from your last session. Or, select Use Standard Position to open TOTAL Sketch at a consistent size every time in the center of your screen.
    If you want TOTAL Sketch to automatically check for updates as they're available, leave the box to Check Automatically checked. Otherwise, uncheck the box to manually run updates.
    Restore Default Settings
    Click the Restore Default Settings button on the lower left to revert ALL of TOTAL Sketch's preferences back to their defaults.
  3. When you're finished, click OK to save your changes.