Draw Shapes

TOTAL Sketch provides access to a variety of predefined area line shapes you can add to your sketch as a starting point for areas you create.

  1. In a sketch, click the down arrow beside the Draw button in the toolbar, or select the Draw panel at the right of the screen and select the desired shape. Shapes include:
    If you are sketching a polygon other than rectangle, pentagon, or octagon, first click Draw and select Area line. Then, click on the grid where you want the polygon to be placed. Enter the number of sides for your polygon, up to 20 sides, using the numbers 0‑9 on your keyboard. Next, enter the @ symbol (Shift+2) followed by the length of the walls. Ex.: 12@5 creates a 12‑sided polygon with 5 ft walls.
  2. Once you've selected a shape (and adjusted the number of sides if necessary), position your cursor over the desired starting point for the shape. For circles, that starting point is the center of the circle. For all other shapes, the starting point is one of the intersections of the shape.
  3. Click to place the starting point and, while holding down the click, drag your cursor to any one direction to enlarge the shape. When the shape reaches the desired size, release the mouse click.

  4. As necessary you can rotate the shape or adjust individual line lengths within it. Just click Modify in the main toolbar and do one of the following: