Review Voice Notes

When you record a voice note using the Record Audio feature, TOTAL for Mobile automatically labels the Voice Note based on the section of the report you were in at the time of recording and adds a timestamp so that you know when and where the Voice Note was recorded. These can be reviewed at any time from the Voice section of the Notes PowerView. To review a Voice Note:

  1. From the Notes PowerView, press Voice at the bottom if it's not already selected.

  2. From here, any Voice Notes you've recorded are displayed and sorted based on the date and time they were created. Click here for instructions on recording a Voice Note
  3. To listen to a voice note, simply tap the entry to begin playback. As the Audio file plays, a progress indicator and counter is displayed to let you know your current progress and the duration of the Voice Note.
  4. Press the Pause button to pause the voice note and resume listening at a later time by pressing the Play button. Or, press the Stop button to stop the Voice note completely and revert to the beginning of the track.

  5. You can also delete a voice note at any time by pressing the edit icon (  )  on the upper right.