Add Symbols

To add symbols to your sketch:

  1. In a sketch, tap the Symbols icon (  ) on the upper right. If you're using an iPhone or a similar device with a smaller screen, press the fn key on your sketch keyboard, and then tap the Sym key.
  2. Tap the appropriate category containing the symbol.
  3. In the list of symbols, tap the symbol you want to place on your sketch.
  4. After selecting the symbol, you're returned to the sketch canvas. Tap the location on your sketch where you would like to place the symbol.
  5. To move the symbol once it's been placed on screen, tap to select it, and then tap and drag it to the new location. Additionally, you can tap the symbol to select it (indicated by a yellow border), and then use the arrow keys on your sketch keyboard to move the symbol incrementally.

Remember you can zoom in or out at any time by placing two fingers on screen simultaneously and spreading them apart, and you can pan the sketch by placing two fingers together on the screen and dragging.