Suggested Value

Suggested Value and Weighted Averages
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Suggested value allows you to easily insert a subject value based on the comps and adjustments in the Side‑by‑Side PowerView.

The Suggested Value is derived by multiplying the weight of each comp by the Adjusted Sale Price of that comp, repeating for each property, then adding them all together. Here is the formula:

Suggested Value 
( Adj Sale Pricecomp 1  Weightcomp 1% )  ( Adj Sale Pricecomp 2  Weightcomp 2% )  ( Adj Sale Pricecomp 3  Weightcomp 3% )  ( … )  ( Adj Sale Pricecomp n  Weightcomp n )

Click the plus sign icon (  ) next to the Suggested value in the Side‑by‑Side PowerView to open the Suggested Value Calculations where you can sort, rearrange, choose which comparables to include, adjust weight percentages, and adjust additional options:

Suggested Value Calculations

  1. Uncheck the box to the left of a comparable to remove it from the suggested value calculation. This changes that comparable's weight to 0 and distributes the remaining weight amongst the comparables still included. As you make changes, the Suggested Value ( E ) recalculates and rounds to the nearest thousand.
  2. Click a column header to sort your comparables by that specific category.
  3. Select a comparable and use the up and down arrows on the right to rearrange your comps and move a property up or down the list.
  4. Double‑click any row in the Weight column to manually override the percentage given to individual comps. This is a great way to customize the Suggested Value towards comparable most similar to your subject.
    Once a weight is manually changed, the remaining comparable weights are updated to evenly distribute the leftover percentage that must equal 100%.
  5. The value determined by the equation above — rounded to the nearest 100th — for the comparables you've chosen to include ( A ).
  6. Check the box next to Use the suggested value in my report to insert the Suggested Value ( E ) into the major form as the Indicated Value by Sales Comparison Approach.
  7. Check the box next to Update the comp sequence in my report to apply the changes made in the Suggested Value Calculations window to the forms in your report.
  8. Check the box next to Send suggested value breakdown and commentary to my report to push the weights grid and reconciliation text by selecting or creating a new addendum in your report ( I ).
  9. The Select Addendum dropdown lists any existing addenda in your report. Select an existing addendum where you'd like to add the weights grid and reconciliation text, or choose Create new addendum to create a brand new addendum that contains only the weights grid and reconciliation text.
  10. Click the Edit addenda commentary button on the bottom left to view and edit the reconciliation commentary that is added to your addendum. Any edits you apply in this window, are saved for you to use next time. This is a great way to save your own template commentary to reuse explaining reconciliation on every report.
    If you Save & Close from the commentary window, your changes are saved for the next time you open this window. Your commentary and weights grid aren't pushed to an addenda until you click Save & Close in the the Suggested Value Calculations window ( K ).
  11. Click Save & Close to save your changes, close the Suggested Value Calculations window, and transfer any applicable data to your report and the details view in the E&O PowerView.