E&O PowerView

E&O PowerView
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The E&O check reviews your report for any major errors or empty fields. Once your report is complete, run a quick E&O check to verify that everything is in place before delivering the report to your client.

There are three types of alert icons that appear when running an E&O check:

Indicates potential inconsistencies such as mathematics and equivalencies, and fields that should be reviewed for accuracy. The E&O warnings are derived from the standard a la mode rule set.
UAD Error
Indicates that the field in reference does not comply with the UAD standards rule set, and may result in delivery failure in certain instances.
Fatal Hard Stop
Indicates that the field in reference does not comply with the UAD standards rule set. Per Fannie Mae, failure to correct the violation will result in delivery failure if a client attempts to upload the report through the UCDP Portal.

If you have QuickSource enabled, there are two additional alert icons that appear in the QuickSource Insights section when running an E&O check:

Peer or Local Comp Warning
Indicates potential inconsistencies from previous uses of a comparable in GLA, Quality, or Condition, from your Comps Database or Peers in SmartExchange.
QuickSource Notes
These are notes that were entered, saved, and exported from the Data Discrepancy View in QuickSource. These notes typically serve as a reminder in the E&O PowerView to either make a specific comment on an addendum, or to take a specific action before delivering your report.

To run an E&O check:

  1. Click E&O in the top toolbar.

    Notice that this PowerView can be undocked. This is especially helpful when working in a dual monitor environment. To undock the PowerView and move it aside or to another monitor, simply click the undock icon (  ). For more information on docking and undocking PowerViews click here.
  2. Review the E&O results and determine if any further action is needed:
  3. When you have made the necessary correction(s) to your report, click Refresh (  ) to update the results and filter out the items you've fixed.

View excluded E&O rules

To view E&O rules that have been excluded and include them in your list of rules again:

  1. Click the green plus sign (  ) next to the number of excluded rules on the upper left.

  2. After clicking the plus sign, a message appears to let you know that the excluded rules will be shown in the list and will be highlighted in blue, but will continue to be excluded from the E&O Details report. Click OK to continue.

  3. Rules that are currently excluded are displayed and highlighted in blue. To include a rule in your E&O Details report again, click the Include Rule icon (  ) next to rule and choose whether you want to include it for This Report or All Reports.

  4. To hide the excluded rules from view, click the red minus sign (  ) beside the number of excluded rules on the upper left.