Sign as a different user

To sign a report with a signature other than your own, a separate TOTAL user must be created. Follow the instructions in the Create User Accounts section of this user's guide to create a new user, then click here for instructions on setting up their signature.

Once you've created and configured the new user and signature, simply select the appropriate user from the Select or Create TOTAL User screen when opening TOTAL. If you do not see the Select or create TOTAL User screen, if TOTAL is already open, or if you're already in a report, follow the instructions below to sign as a different user.

To sign a report with another user's graphical signature:

  1. With the report you want to sign open, click the drop‑down arrow beside the sign icon.
  2. Select your preferred method of signing.

  3. In the window that appears, select the appropriate user from the drop‑down menu at the top.

  4. If the user has more than one license and signature, choose the license and signature you wish to use from the list.
  5. Choose a signature color and check the boxes at the bottom to perform any additional actions when signing.
  6. When you're finished, click Sign.

  7. Enter the password for the user whose signature you're using and click Continue.

That's it! The report is now signed with the user's signature that you selected.