QuickPix Database

If you're familiar with the QuickPix application found in previous versions of WinTOTAL it's now available in TOTAL. To access the QuickPix database, click the QuickPix Database tab in the Photo Sources pane in Photos PowerView.

One of the advantages of the QuickPix Database is the QuickPix Importer, which gives you the ability to preview the photos on your camera or storage device before you load them into your database. You also have the ability to enter additional information about your photos. Using Quickpix Importer, you can:

You also have the ability to apply those details to all photos so you don't have to re-type information.

When you're ready to retrieve your photos, you can import one photo into your database, a handful of selected photos, or import all photos from a specific directory.

For more information on the import process, click here to view the QuickPix Importer section of the user's guide.