Print reports to a printer

To print your report:

  1. In an open report in TOTAL, click File on the upper left, and select Print from the drop‑down menu.
  2. In the screen that appears, check the box beside each form you want to print. To select all forms, click Mark All. To deselect all forms, click Un-mark All. If you're printing a signed report and want to print only the forms you've signed, click Mark Signed.
  3. In the TOC column check only the pages you want to show in the Table of Contents and display a page number.

  4. The Printer drop‑down menus on the far right side of your page options allows you to select the appropriate printer to use when printing each form in your report.
  5. From the Print Options section on the right side of the screen, select the Profile to use when printing your report. To adjust your print setup, click Configure.
  6. In the Print box, enter the number of copies to print.
  7. If necessary, check the Collate box to collate your print outs.
  8. To print multiple copies of a specific page in your report, select the page in the list of forms on the left, then enter the number of copies to print in the Print Copies of Highlighted Page box inside the Page Handling section of your print options on the right.
  9. Check Shrink legal sized pages to letter size to print your report on letter sized paper.
  10. To adjust the visual appearance of your printed forms, click Report Options in the Page Handling section of your print options on the right.
  11. When you're finished, click Print to send your report to your printer(s).