Images on Disk

The Images on Disk Tab in TOTAL's Photos PowerView enables you to:

Folder Tab

View and Delete

The Images on Disk Tab allows you to select how you view your photos. To change how your photos are displayed, click the View drop‑down menu, then choose between Thumbnails and List:

To delete a photo, simply select the photo (or photos) from the list and click Delete.

Browse for Photos

To browse for a folder or directory on your computer:

  1. From the Images on Disk Tab of the Photos Powerview, Click Browse.

  2. In the Browse For Folder window, browse to the location of your photos, select the folder containing the photos, and click OK.
    Images taken with a camera or smart phone are generally located under their own drive letter in a folder named DCIM. However, some devices don't generate a drive letter when plugged into a computer. If you can't locate your camera when browsing for your image files, try using a card reader instead. Click here for instructions on how to use a card reader to transfer your photos. If you're still unable to locate your images, refer to the instructions that came with your device, or contact the manufacturer.
  3. After clicking OK, any photos that are contained inside of the folder will be displayed. Organize, and place the photos on your forms as necessary.


AutoBrowse is a new feature available only in TOTAL.

AutoBrowse allows you to configure a folder so that you can quickly access your most recent photos with a single click. Once you have specified the folder, AutoBrowse automatically looks for, locates, and displays the folder within that contains the most recent images. This is especially helpful when using a memory card with a camera because most digital cameras have a certain allotment of images that can be contained within a single folder. Once your camera reaches that limit, it will automatically create a new one and place your images inside of the new folder. This can create hassle for you by forcing you to go into your photo retrieval software and change the location of where it looks for your photos. With AutoBrowse, TOTAL automatically detects the change and displays your most recent photos in the newest folder.

To configure AutoBrowse:

  1. Begin by going to Tools, and then click Configure Settings.
  2. In the configuration settings window, click Photos on the left.
  3. At the bottom of the list of options, click Browse and browse to the Folder that contains all of your photo folders. On most memory cards for digital cameras, this will be the DCIM folder.
  4. Once you have selected the folder, click OK.
  5. Now, from the Images on Disk Tab of the Photos Powerview, click the drop‑down arrow for the path, and select AutoBrowse. This automatically browses to the location specified in the previous steps and detects the most recent folder with the newest photos.
  6. Organize and place the photos in your form as necessary.

Size, Sort, and Show

The Size, Sort, and Show drop‑down menus allow you to organize, arrange, and modify how your photos are displayed:

Click the Size drop‑down menu to specify whether you want to display Small, Medium, or Large thumbnail images.
Adjust how your photos are sorted and organized. Choose to sort the images sequentially based on the Date Taken, the Filename, or the File Size, and select whether to sort them in Ascending, or Descending order.
Click the Show drop‑down menu to specify the type of photo to show. Select All Photos to display all images in the current directory, click Photos Not in Reports to show the unused images, or select Photos in Reports to display your used images.