Create Addenda

You can create an addendum in TOTAL in multiple different ways:

  1. Split-screen — The quickest way to create an addendum, this method allows you to view the contents of your forms while you're editing your addendum.  To use it, click Addenda in the top toolbar.
  2. Merge from a template or previous file — When you merge from a previous report that contains an addenda, it will be added to your report automatically.
  3. Select an Addendum Form — If there's a particular addendum form you wish to use, you can simply add the form to the report using the Contents feature.  Just add an addendum form from TOTAL's Other Forms & Addenda folder inside the Contents tool.
  4. Addenda PowerView — A dedicated powerview for your addenda that can be undocked and moved to a separate monitor.  This allows you to keep your addenda on screen while working in your forms and toggling between powerviews.

  5. Text Overflow — As you're typing in any multi-line text field in a form, TOTAL knows how much text can fit in that field.  Once you've reached that capacity, the program automatically prompts you to create an addendum.
    TOTAL overflows text in the same order as the sections that appear in the major form.