Starting a new report with SmartStart
Click this video to see it in action!

Have you ever created a new report, entered some data, then accidentally merged from the wrong report? Or maybe you opened a report, made some changes, saved it, and then a day later you realized it was the wrong report. If either of these have happened to you, then you know it can be quite a mess to fix.

With TOTAL's Timeline feature, you're able to easily restore back to a previous version of a report. "Snapshots" of the report are generated whenever you perform tasks like merging, deleting forms, deleting comps, and more. To access Timeline, click the Timeline button on the toolbar and each snapshot is displayed on a slider with a preview of the report displayed below as you choose between snapshots. For detailed instructions on using Timeline, click here.

Wondering what triggers TOTAL to save a previous version of your report in Timeline?