Search for Reports

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The Appraisal Desktop provides two ways to search for reports: a basic search tool for simple searches and an advanced search tool for more specific searches.

TOTAL's basic search examines all fields and columns that are visible in the Appraisal Desktop. You can edit your column layout to include any fields you like, and as long as the data appears in the Appraisal Desktop, TOTAL will look at it when running a basic search.

To perform a basic search:

  1. In the Appraisal Desktop, click to select the folder containing the file you want to find (if you know the folder).
    If you don't know which folder the report is stored in, change the view from Current View to All Folders using the drop‑down menu to the right of the search bar.
  2. Place your cursor in the search bar above the list of files and enter your search criteria.

  3. Press Enter or click the search icon (  ) in the search bar to perform the search. Once the search is complete, you can expand the search to span across all of the folders in your Appraisal Desktop by clicking the Try this search again in all folders link at the bottom of the files list.

    Search All Folders

    To clear your search results when you're done with them, click the X in the search bar.

    clear search

Locate on Disk

TOTAL's Locate on Disk option allows you to find a report that has been moved to the report folders on disk but is not visible in the Appraisal Desktop.

To locate a file on disk from the Appraisal Desktop:

  1. Select the folder in the Appraisal Desktop that contains the file.
  2. Right‑click anywhere in the folder
  3. Select Locate on disk from the drop‑down menu.

    This opens the folder directly on the disk where the report is stored and gives you direct access to the file.