Choose Your Sketcher

While TOTAL's configuration settings allows you to select your sketching software and authorize it from the Sketch Settings section, you can also select your default sketching program from the Sketch PowerView. TOTAL Sketch is selected by default in TOTAL, but you can also use a third-party sketching program offered by any of TOTAL Store's Integrated Merchants.

If you have not registered your sketch integration license, click Register/Unregister in the Sketch With drop‑down menu in the top toolbar to launch and configure your Sketch Settings. Or, click here to visit the TOTAL Store and purchase a license from one of our integrated merchants. Otherwise, to select your default sketcher:

  1. From the Sketch PowerView, click Sketch With in the toolbar at the top.
  2. Select your sketcher from the list.
    TOTAL Sketch is a la mode's sketching solution that is provided with TOTAL. No additional configuration, authorization, or purchase is required. Simply leave your sketch settings at their defaults after installing TOTAL, or select TOTAL Sketch from the drop‑down menu. Click here to learn how to use TOTAL Sketch.

That's it! TOTAL is now configured to launch the sketcher you selected. For more information about how to authorize your sketching software, see the Authorizing integrated Sketchers section in the Configure Settings section of this user's guide.