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Synchronize Files


Using Pocket TOTAL you can easily synchronize your Pocket PC's File Cabinet with your WinTOTAL File Cabinet. When you do, any reports, images, sketches, and QuickLists will also synchronize as well. To synchronize Pocket TOTAL with WinTOTAL...

  1. Make sure the file you wish to synchronize is moved to your “Synchronized” folder on the Pocket PC.
  2. Tap File, and select the Move or Copy function. This opens the File Move or Copy screen.
  3. Tap the option for Move or Copy, and then tap the arrow on the bottom right and select the Synchronized folder.
  4. Tap OK to close the dialog.
  5. Connect your Pocket PC to your computer and it automatically syncs with the Appraisal Desktop. As an alternative, if you've already connected your Pocket PC and your computer, you can click the Pocket Sync button in the WinTOTAL Appraisal Desktop to force a manual synchronization.
  Note: You should only keep currently active jobs in your Synchronized folders. Once you are past the point where an assignment needs to be synchronized, you should move it to a permanent location on both systems.