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MobileSketch Settings

  1. Run MobileSketch (Start, Programs, MobileSketch), and close or cancel any opening screens that may appear.
  2. Tap the Edit menu option on the bottom menu bar and select Preferences.  Within the Preferences screen, access the Input tab (use the scroll arrows at the top of the screen to view tabs).
  3. Tap the check box to Enable DISTO Input.
  4. Using the drop down list under COM Port, set the value to match the outbound value for the Pocket PC that was determined in step A (e.g.  COM6:).
  5. Tap OK to exit the window.

After closing the window, the Bluetooth Manager or Browser will open in an attempt to detect any Bluetooth enabled devices to establish a connection to.  At this point, if you have the measuring device in Bluetooth mode, the device should appear in the list.  Selecting the device from the list will establish a connection between the two devices.

  Note: In the future, you can quickly connect to the measuring device by opening MobileSketch and tapping on the Bluetooth connection toolbar button.  If this option is selected, MobileSketch will attempt to find a Bluetooth connection each time the program is launched.  Deselect this option in order to prevent MobileSketch from detecting/using Bluetooth enabled devices.  You are ready to begin sketching.