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Sync Folders


WinTOTAL has the ability to create one Synchronized folder per WinTOTAL username.  This is ideal in multi-user environments where there are multiple Pocket PC’s connecting to WinTOTAL, like in a networked environment.  If you wish to create a personal sync folder or to designate a folder other than the Synchronized folder as your Pocket Sync folder…

  1. Create a folder in your File Cabinet that you wish to use as a Synchronized folder.
  2. Right-click the folder and choose Assign as Synchronized from the menu that appears.

The wheel icon that denotes a “synchronized” folder will move to your new folder.  Keep in mind that you will still see the other Synchronized folder in your File Cabinet along with any other “synchronized” folders that other users in your office have created. Just ignore the other folders as they will only operate as “synchronized” folders for the users who designated them as such. 

  Note: This process assumes that you have created user accounts for each person at your office that uses WinTOTAL.  For more information about creating folders in the File Cabinet or setting up user accounts in WinTOTAL, consult your WinTOTAL User’s Guide.