Workflow Examples > Start Reports in WinTOTAL

Start Reports in WinTOTAL

If you start your report in WinTOTAL you can send it to Pocket TOTAL in one of two different ways.

Connecting with a Cable

  1. Create the new request in WinTOTAL as you typically would.
  2. Move it to WinTOTALís Synchronized folder.
  3. Connect the Pocket PC and allow the report to copy to the Pocket PCís Synchronized folder.
  4. Go into the field and work up the report.
  5. Back at the office, connect the Pocket PC to your desktop machine, and allow the report to synchronize back to the desktop.
  6. Move the report out of WinTOTALís Synchronized folder to a more appropriate working folder.
  7. If you are done on the Pocket PC, move the report out of the Pocket PCís Synchronized folder or delete it.

Sending Pocket TOTAL EDI

  1. Create the new request in WinTOTAL as you typically would.
  2. Use WinTOTALís Deliver Report functions to send it to the Pocket PCís mailbox.
  3. Retrieve the report on the Pocket PC, and work it up in Pocket TOTAL.
  4. You now have two options to get the file back to the desktop:
    • Send the file back to the WinTOTAL e-mail address and retrieve it in WinTOTAL.
    • Using the standard cable/PC Link. Move the Pocket TOTAL report into the Synchronized folder as well as the WinTOTAL file into its Synchronized folder so they will synchronize when you connect via a cable back at the office. After synchronizing, you should move the file from each systemís Synchronized folder.