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Send Pocket TOTAL Files


The process for sending files from Pocket TOTAL involves using our Report Manager to place files in Pocket Outlook’s “Outbox,” then using the connection features in Pocket Outlook to actually deliver them to their intended destination.

  Note: If you’re using Windows Mobile 5.0 this feature does not apply.  Due to limitations in Windows Mobile 5.0, there is currently no way to send Pocket TOTAL reports from your Pocket PC to an e-mail recipient.  If you need to move files from your Pocket PC to your desktop computer, you should use the synchronization tools described in this user’s guide.  

To send the file from the Pocket PC...

  1. In Pocket TOTAL’s Report Manager, tap the report you wish to send.
  2. Tap EDI, and select Send via EDI....
  3. Type the e-mail address of the intended recipient. This should be a mailbox intended for WinTOTAL reports only since the message will be unreadable except by WinTOTAL.
  4. Open Pocket Outlook’s Inbox on your Pocket PC.
  5. Perform a Send and Receive as you usually would inside Pocket Outlook.  For detailed instructions on this process, see the manual that came with your Pocket PC.

You can send multiple files at one time through Pocket TOTAL. They simply get put in the Outbox awaiting the next connection to the Internet.

To retrieve the file(s) in WinTOTAL...

This is just like retrieving any other files sent through the Internet to WinTOTAL…  

  1. Open the e-mail message containing the Pocket TOTAL report.
  2. Then, double-click the attachment.
  3. If you’re prompted to verify that you want to open the file, click Open.
  4. Depending on whether you already have a file for this report in WinTOTAL or not, different options are presented.  If WinTOTAL does not already contain a file for the property in the Pocket report, choose a folder where you’d like to place the Pocket TOTAL file and click OK in the screen that appears to move it into that folder and open the file.  If WinTOTAL already contains a file for that property, WinTOTAL prompts you about whether you wish to synchronize the two files or create a new report from your Pocket TOTAL file.  Click Sync or New to indicate your choice.


In either case, the report opens in WinTOTAL for you to edit. Just work with it as usual.